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Formed in 1904, Plymouth was one of the first RMVCC units.

Originally named The Royal Marines Boys Corps open only to the sons of serving Royal Marines until 1922 when the gates were opened to all boys.

During the second world war the RMBC was disbanded but reformed in 1945. After this they were amalgamated with The Girls Ambulance Corps and renamed in 1951 as The Royal Marines Volunteer Boys Corps and later on in 1979 as we are known now The Royal Marines Volunteer Cadets Corps.

In 2014 there was a formation of all Royal Marines Cadets to which we are now all part of the Royal Marines corps family. To signify this Cadets from the Volunteer Cadet Corps, Sea Cadet Corps and Combined Cadet Force are named Royal Marines Cadets only distinguished by the suffix of their organisation shown by an arm patch worn on the left arm of all uniforms, VCC, SCC or CCF respectively. Officially our title is now RMC(VCC) but we are still formerly known as the RMVCC, which has a rich history of over 100 years of service. Royal Marines Cadets from the Volunteer Cadet Corps also have the distinction of being called ‘Her Majesty’s Royal Marines Cadets’.Picture2

In the past Plymouth RMVCC was well known for its band, but times have changed and the cadets no longer want to do the band. We do have a keen interest in the corps of drums where they can learn to play the side drum and bugle.

At present we are more focused on getting the cadets out on Dartmoor as this is what they enjoy but we set ourselves apart from other cadet units by having the skills in the field and on the drill square. As one weekend we could be on Dartmoor in green patrolling and surviving then the next weekend in blue on a parade square showing off with some sharp rifle drill.

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